Most Popular Bookmakers for Horse Betting

Betting on horse races can be fun if you are doing it via the right platform. It is one of the most popular types of sports betting with a lot of bets to choose from.

However, not all of the websites allow for all types of bets, and this is one of the several criteria that we used for our list.

Online betting is getting immensely popular, so it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of online gamblers claim promo codes, such as Quasar Gaming promo code. However, if you prefer horse racing, take a look at this list.


Betfair is something unique. They do not only offer great market liquidity, but the punters can sometimes get the stakes matched when the race time is getting closer. The odds are overall excellent even though there is a small commission that you need to pay for winning slips.

Another feature that Betfair offers is bet and lay bet. If you think that someone will win the race, you can back them, but you can also lay them and bet that they will lose the race.


Matchbook is up there and shares the first place with Betfair due to some fantastic offers that they have for the users who bet on horse races. Although liquidity is still a bit behind Betfair, they are working hard on improving this feature and overtaking the first place.


Bet365 is known among the avid lovers of sports betting as being the most reliable and popular platform for this type of entertainment. They also include the horse racing betting and a great welcome bonus for all the new users who register on their website.

William Hill

William Hill offers excellent coverage of not only horse racing but also greyhound racing. They mostly cover English and Irish races and have a great overview of all the races they support. Apart from some nice betting types such as jockey contests, William Hill also offers several special types of bets which are available only on this platform.


Apart from covering races in the UK and Ireland, NetBet also focuses on other countries, mainly including the US, Asia, and Australia as the three biggest markets in this sport. Some of the big races that people enjoy betting on are also included – Cheltenham Gold Cup, Kentucky Derby, and Melbourne Cup.


Pick your favourite right now and feel free to enjoy one of the most popular sports for betting. Horse racing is known for its excitement and the good times that it provides. These platforms will not let you down and will give you all you need for a great betting experience when betting on horses!