Online Games and Slots for Horse Racing

Horse racing has always been extremely popular all over the world. Its popularity has grown over the years and it has not stopped growing. Nowadays, horse racing has become affordable and approachable for everybody. The rise of modern technology has brought many benefits to the world of racing. Horse lovers and people who enjoy horse racing can now even play horse racing online games and slots if they want to. Not only can you enjoy horse racing slots, but you can also play various other slot and table games or even video poker on sites such as Jackpot Fortune online to fill in the gap between the horse races you are watching live. It is up to you to choose among many online casinos and horse racing games available on the Internet.

In the following paragraphs, we will offer some interesting horse racing slots and games you can play online either for free or for a certain fee. We hope you will enjoy it.

Derby Day Horse Racing

Derby Day Horse Racing is an online game which is nothing like other traditional online games you have ever come across. It looks like a virtual horse racing game. However, this game allows you to make various and different bets that other online games do not allow. You have two steps in this game. You start by making a number or a series of bets. Afterwards, you start your race and wait to see whether your horse has won or not. You are given six horses you can bet on. You can choose a winner, you can bet on the exact place the horses will finish the game or you can make a bet on one particular horse and the place you think it will win, and many other bets you desire. Even though the graphics are not as good as they should be, the game is quite good. The only thing you can do is to try it out, have fun and tell us what you think.


Unlike regular Derby Day Horse Racing game, Derby is a fun game with much better graphics and sound. In addition, it gives you advanced racing and betting options you can fully enjoy.

Horse Fever

If you like virtual racing games, Horse Fever is your choice. You are given six horses with different features and characters. Your task is to pick a horse and place your bet. All the horses are cartoon characters, but that does not make the game less interesting. Choose your horse, place your bet and wait for your winner.

Virtual Racebook 3D

Virtual Racebook 3D, as its name says it, is a virtual horse racing game. This game offers cinematic videos of real horse races and has very good graphics. It offers many new and advanced horse race options and it is a true enjoyment.

Race Champ

Race Champ is an interesting and fun game for slot players. It has very good graphics and it is easy to play.

Whether you opt for Race Champ, Derby, Virtual Racebook 3D, Horse Fever or Derby Day Horse Racing you will not regret it. All of the games are interesting and you will enjoy playing them. Try each one of them and see for yourself which of the games we recommended suits you best!